Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Congratulations Holly on passing your Practical Driving Test at Bournemouth Test Centre.

Lukasz KrzizekLukasz Krzizek
Passed 1st time
Thank you for the lessons and I couldn't ask for anything more as you did great job as instructor calmly eliminating my bad habits one by one and making me road safe. I won't be looking for anyone else if I were you to pass the test first time.

Pleasure teaching you Lukasz, thank you for your comments. Great commitment from you and well done for passing your CBT too!

Liam BuchananLiam Buchanan
Is time Pass following a 2 week semi-intensive course
Less than 4 weeks after his 17th Birthday Liam passed his Practical. Liam totally bought into the LDC system, self-analyzing his driving and ensuring he was always prepared for his next lesson. Many congratulations Liam and I wish you many years of safe driving.